Practical Gear For Moms Who Run

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Running or jogging is a great way to stay physically fit and is also considered to be an efficient stress buster. After a long day, it can really refresh your mind and help your energy level to improve - especially if you are a parent.

But how to do it if you have small babies or toddlers in the house?

Whether you are taking your kids to the park so that you can run while they play, or taking your infant out for a jog or walk on the baby stroller, you will need to carry some essentials with you.

Our Ambassador Helena with her beautiful kids after a run last year.

From wallet to mobile phone, water bottle, baby food or snacks, and toys, there are plenty of things that you might end up needing. You cannot carry all of these items in your hands, but here is a solution.

Check this amazing list of practical gear for moms who run:

1. Running with a stroller

Your best friend has to be the Backpack Pro. Ergonomic, lightweight, and weather-resistant, this is an essential item to have if you need to carry all your belongings while running. It will protect your back and making your experience more enjoyable!

Alternatively, the Spin Bag is the perfect option if you want to go for a walk or cycle to a park with your kids. It just as comfortable and fits as much as items, besides being quite charming and stylish. 

Find the Backpack Pro and the Spin Bag here!

2. Solo jogging

Make the most out of your ‚Äúme time‚ÄĚ while other family members are watching the kids. The IAMRUNBOX Mini is the perfect solution for solo runners who want to fit more than just a phone on their armband. Also, did we mention you can use it in FOUR different ways? On arm, on hand, on waist, and cross-body. Practical and pretty!

EXTRA TIP: The Active Essentials Kit

‚ÄúWe wanted to do something to help people to keep active and safe. So as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic we fast-tracked the development of a protection kit.‚ÄĚ - Kirill Noskov, the company‚Äôs Founder and CEO.¬†Watch this video to hear more from Kirill.

The Active Essentials Kit includes the IAMRUNBOX MINI armband, a shopping bag made of recycled plastic bottles, and the RunMask, a face mask specially designed for runners.

3. Life-saving accessories

  • Packing organizers are a must-have if you need to store any miscellaneous items in an easy-to-access way.
  • A quick-dry microfiber towel will always be a best friend. They are soft, quick to dry, and easy to pack. You¬†use it wipe¬†your sweat off, use it for breastfeeding, or have a quick break in the park.¬†
  • If you will be going somewhere important after the walk, you could carry an extra pair of clothes. Using a clothes folder will help you keep them crease-free.¬†
  • You could jog to the laundromat, with the week‚Äôs washing in a laundry bag that is lightweight, durable, and washable.

Remember to care for your well being so that you can be there for your family. So pick up your backpack and your shoes, and jog yourself to health!

Our co-founder Lina is just back to running!


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