Get free towels for the #TowelDay

Towel Day is celebrated every year 25th of May as a tribute to Douglas Adam's "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". On this day, fans openly carry a towel with them, to demonstrate their appreciation for the universe created by the author and to remind this important learning: "never go anywhere without your towel".

Since the IAMRUNBOX community is full of people passionate for action and adventure, we encourage everyone to walk around with a towel today - yes, even if you are just home, why not? You'll surely entertain your neighbors!

Missing a nice towel?

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Reasons to always have a towel with you

Active Lifestyle

Whether you run or cycle commute, even if just for weekend fun, you know just how important it is to carry a quick-dry towel with you.

It's an easy solution to take the sweat off your face, and the accessory you want to have in case you need a shower. 

Remember: it's safe to go for a solo jog in Covid-19 times!

Summer vibes

Beaches and picnic season is on the corner. Also here quick-dry towels are your best friends! You can use them to sunbathe and enjoy nature. Just make sure to keep a social distance when you go outside!

Are you on lockdown? Use your balcony as your private beach!

All sorts of adventure

Maybe you are more of a hiking person? Or you enjoy exploring the surroundings with your backpack and nothing more?

Well, you'll find that a quick-dry towel to be quite helpful too. Use it to protect your face, or to sit somewhere when you stop for a break.

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