Running Like a Pro with the IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro

How to use the IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro

We all know how to use a backpack - some of us do it every day. But it’s getting more complicated when it comes to running or cycling backpacks. All in all, using our Backpack Pro is easy. But there are some important tips that might improve your experience.

Check out this video to find out more about our Backpack Pro.

By watching the video you will learn some important hacks:

IAMRUNBOX's Backpack Pro - Get yours!

  • Pack all the things you need and fill the inside compartment entirely. Otherwise, it will create a lot of noise and inconvenience while running or biking.

  • To ensure that your clothes stay wrinkle-free, follow the instructions on the attached Clothes Folder. We have also prepared a short video that shows how to fold your shirts neatly with the help of our Clothes Folder.

  • Put your water bottle and keys in the small pockets on the straps.

  • Use the large water-resistant waist pockets for your wallet, passport and mobile phone.

  • Put your laptop inside the extra laptop compartment so that it is stored safely.

  • The loops on the straps can be used to hold the cable of your earphones.

  • Use the removable string attachment system to attach the IAMRUNBOX Shoe Bag, jacket, or other accessories to the Backpack Pro. It is very important to attach the strings in the right way so that your belongings are protected and will not come off. 

  • The eyelets on the back of the Shoe Bag are needed for breathability reasons. You do not need them for attaching it to the Backpack Pro.

  • The elastic strap on the back of the backpack is not needed no attach the Shoe Bag or other accessories either. You can use this string to attach your Backpack Pro to a suitcase or to keep the straps together while carrying the backpack by hand.

  • Only by adjusting the sternum straps tightly and closing them, you can benefit from the smart load distribution technology.

  • Hide all strap ends so that they do not hang loose and do not disturb you while running or biking.

IAMRUNBOX's Backpack Pro - Get yours!

Now all your daily essentials are neatly packed. The Backpack Pro will keep your belongings in place when you are on the go. No matter if you are a run commuter, a traveler or just living your daily life, a high quality backpack is a trustful companion for many years to come.

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If you have any other questions regarding the usage of the Backpack Pro please don’t hesitate to reach out to