3 Reasons to choose a waterproof roll top backpack to go hiking


Are you craving the physical and mental benefits of the outdoors? While international traveling should be avoided due to the COVID-19, nature is out there waiting to be explored. And hiking is one of the best ways to safely enjoy it! Are you prepared?

Before setting your feet outside, remember to:

  • Plan your route and how many hours or days you’ll spend hiking
  • Weather-appropriate clothing 
  • Plenty of food and water
  • First-aid kit
  • Shelter
  • Sun protection

Besides all of that, you also need a waterproof roll top backpack that will provide you a comfortable and hassle-free hiking experience - like the SpinBag 30L.

Here are 3 reasons to choose a roll top to hike.

1. Easy to pack

Packing a roll top is pretty straightforward: just store your belongings inside as these are essentially big capacity, zipper-free backpacks that don’t usually have many internal compartments. 

It’s also easier and faster to find and pull your stuff out as roll top backpacks have large top openings. This is quite handy while out in nature.

You might need some packing organizers if you want to store smaller items. You can also use the bottom compartment of your SpinBag 30L to keep dry items from wet ones.

2. Move freely

This is our favorite thing about roll top backpacks: they are comfortable. 

When you walk a long way and come across steep terrains, such as a floor full of stones, mud, or a beach, you want a  backpack that will ease your experience and prevent you from suffering any mishaps.

The SpinBag 30L is designed to be lightweight and ergonomic. It comes with waist and chest straps which are perfectly adjustable to your body.

Once you and the backpack are like one, you’ll have the freedom to walk, run, jump, climb mountains, and more.

3. Don’t worry, be happy!

Waterproofness is another important feature of roll top backpacks as you will be exposed to rain and eventually water during your hike.

Make sure to choose a roll top that will keep all your belongings protected through weather conditions, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, beaches.

The only worry you should have is having fun!

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